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UAL Data Management at ARMA


Betty Woessner presented a poster about Data Management at UAL at the ARMA conference in Blackpool this year. It was designed by Artstemp Davinia.

  • 24th Annual Conference took place on Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th June at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre in Blackpool. – See more at:

Feedback about the Research Data Management Community of Practice

This is really important! More people need to know about this!

As one early-career research noted at the end of our last session.

“It never occurred to me that that data would actually be a source of material we would want to refer to over and over again…There should have been some thought about how you actually got that material, how you organize that material and how you make it accessible”.

Professor Stephen Scrivener



Community of Practice: Research Data Management in the beginning

Establishing a cross university Community of Practice around the developing area of Research Data Management (RDM).  This follows on from the adoption  and implementation of the UAL Research Data Management Policy:

UAL Research Data Management Policy 2014 (PDF)

and the development of a support infrastructure, training provision, and research data repository due to come on stream in September 2013.

UAL is currently the leader in the visual arts field in Research Data Management and is the first art and design institution to implement an RDM policy in the UK.  The infrastructure for RDM  requires the expertise and input from many university staff – legal and enterprise, RMA, library, IT, research and teaching staff, and external stakeholders.  These staff are spread across the university and colleges and may not even be aware of their importance in developing RDM. So, this community of practice  proposes to bring this diverse group together and lead the change.

The community provides a forum for advocacy and to discuss issues arising from the implementation of the Research Data Management Policy. It explores the potential uses of UAL’s research data within the University and its courses and promotes the university’s approach externally as an open access repository. It will helps to identify and address the training needs of specific stakeholders.

Lead in this project: Betty Woessner of UAL RMA, 0207 514 7690

Event and communications lead: Rachel Jillions 0207 514 7395