The events we held in 2013-14

The first event  of 2013/14  concentrated on an internal audience, bringing together primary Stakeholders; people working with data in Libraries, Researchers, Research Centres,  RMA, Library and Special Collections, IT, CLTAD; as part of their research,  as confidential data, as specialist archives.

The event took place in the Kings Cross building, with Alex Kohn from UAL Research Online with Betty Woessner and Jonathan Rans from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) all presenting.  Attendees included representatives from RMA, the Legal team, the LCF Archive, Research Centres including Fashion Curation, Sustainable Fashion, Textile Futures and Ligatus.

Betty Woessner welcomed everyone to the event, introduced the project and outlined what was expected from this new platform. Alex and Betty introduced The Rococo Project, a project which they had been archiving and uploading to the RO Repository for Professor Stephen Scrivener. The co-design project started in the 1990’s and data was captured on VCR tapes, which were then digitised and uploaded to the UAL data repository so that the data could be shared, used and developed by other researchers rather than left in a box to become unusable.

Community of practice Betty Woessner and Alex Kohn (PowerPoint presentation 7761 KB)

Following on from this, Jonathan Rans introduced Data Management and how the Digital Curation Centre works with other institutions to identify gaps and raise capabilities across the sector.

UAL slides Jonathan Rans, DCC (PowerPoint Presentation 1276 KB)

After Jonathan’s presentation, the speakers took questions from the floor. These included:

The second community of practice: research data management at UAL took place at High Holborn and welcomed UAL staff and also an external audience, which included people from:

  • Goldsmith’s University
  • Imperial University
  • Royal Holloway
  • Surrey
  • University of East London
  • British Library
  • King’s College, London

Simon Willmoth introduced the event and Martin Donnelly from DCC came down from Edinburgh to Chair the event. Martin helped to develop UAL’s Data Management Policy and has a special interest in Research Data and the Arts.

Professor Stephen Scrivener talked more about his Rococo project and how the data created from the initial study in the 1990’s is still influencing his research now and how it could be interpreted and used by other researchers. He discussed the positive experience of archiving his data on to UAL RO and the positive outcomes he could foresee from this.

Martin then welcomed Robin Burgess from Glasgow School of Art’s Data Repository, who shared GSA’s  approach to research data and the development of their Research Data Archive and Repository.

The event was recorded and can be viewed here on YouTube

YouTube Preview Image

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